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With everyday cameras becoming increasingly high spec and packed with quick and easy filters and features, it’s no wonder that some estate agents believe that armed with nothing more than the latest iPhone or everyday camera, they can take that winning photo that will attract buyers so much that they enquire in droves.
But over and over again vendors are realising that this is wrong, with the end result failing to dazzle while leaving buyers with a less than impressed opinion of the property and sellers with a lighter wallet for the privilege.
But where property pictures that are better suited to Instagram fail, professional photography continues to be the preferred option for sellers who want to achieve maximum exposure (no pun intended) and gain those higher offers.
So if you’re looking to sell your house, here are five of the best reasons for why you’ll need a pro behind the lens:

1. The bigger picture

Generally amateur photographers gravitate toward wide angle shots for every room, standing back a little too much in order to cram every corner of the room into that one frame. A professional however will see the creative opportunities in the shape and layout of a room, its curves, its edges even its imperfections and oddities that highlight its character and charm. From the sun’s position on the garden that shows off its beauty with perfectly placed shadows and shine to the atmosphere created by a homely fire flickering away in its fireplace, they are trained to look for the picture and not settle for the quick, obvious shots.
 2. The right light
Lighting can and does make or break a photograph.  Next time you’re scrolling through properties online it’s almost certain that you’ll come across a property picture that looks as though some terrible nuclear catastrophe has occurred outside and has filled the frame with a bright, white light. This is known as ‘blown out’ or ‘over exposure’ and it happens when the photographer or the camera itself is unable to cope with the dark parts of a room while sunlight is shining through a window. Once a potential buyer see’s your property with that kind of photo, you can be sure that they will not look at it again.

3. Patience and perfection
‘Okay so this is the master bedroom? I just need to quickly take the picture…okay, 2nd bedroom is next”
Ten second snaps do not look good, it’s that simple. You’ve spent a lot of time refurbishing your home, staging it and making sure it’s beautifully presented for future viewings, after all of that work you should expect a similar effort in the photo that is supposed to showcase it.  A professional photographer will usually spend up to one or two hours photographing your property, from looking around at all of the creative opportunities in order to plan the shot carefully, to shooting multiple exposures ready for post editing to give them that extra polished look.
4. They’re professionals
The big difference between a professional photographer and an estate agent with a camera phone is that one is a professional photographer and the other isn’t. The average day in the life of an estate agent is complex, demanding and time intensive. We’re busy matching your property to the perfect buyers, getting your marketing material together, writing that beautifully descriptive wording that will engross the house hunting reader. A professional photographer is there to showcase your home in the best and most effective way. People buy with their eyes first, that’s why their day is dedicated to getting those perfect shots that ensure your property catches those buyers’ eyes every time.
5. Beautiful results
In the end, it’s that finished result that ultimately proves why a professional is the better option. Remember that a 3 or 4 hour shoot has most likely been through about 5 or 6 hours of post editing to enhance levels, exposures, sharpness and more to give an exceptional finished product that is made to wow, to captivate, to grab attention and to inspire the buyer and to leave them with a lasting impression that we’ve seen time and time again be the driving influence for higher offers.
There really is no comparison between professional photography and estate agent snaps, that’s why we have our own in-house pro ready to make sure your property stands out.
If you’re thinking of selling your property, why not talk to us about our FREE professional photography services.